M-boye Products was set up by, Mark Nowson to use technology to improve night time safety especially in cycling.  As an engineer in the automotive industry and avid cyclists Mark was was keen to develop solutions to improve visibility to other road users and in 2006  launched the worlds first fully illuminated backpacks.  Since this time, hundreds of bags have been sold with M-boye Products being  fortunate to have a major bicycle organisation (Bicycle Victoria) offer the bags as member specials. These bags were developed at a time when LED bicycle lighting and associated technology was just taking off.  With the rapid expansion and cost reduction in LED technology since 2006 it has been possible to improve on the original bags, offering a bag with significantly more features, increased reliability and brightness.  In an age of cheap LED bicycle lighting these bags have become no less important, making the most of unlit cyclists body area and offering lighting visible from a wider viewing angles than conventional bolt on lighting. M-boye Products have always been designed to be functional whilst affordable.  Great feedback over the years from loyal customers has been received and we encourage those with queries, questions or ideas to contact us.