The ELERT series bags are now fully designed and ready to be put into production.   My recent crowdfunding campaign can be found at  Kickstarter.  If you are keen to see this put into production drop me a note at info@mboye.com.au  


One in 3 cyclists death occur at night or where there is artificial lighting, with more likely to be killed or injured at an intersection or at a location where there are traffic signals or other traffic control signs.*  These sobering facts along with my own personal experiences of near misses at night led me to develop the worlds first illuminated backpack back in 2006 that allows you to be seen at all angles and not just in the direction of your lights.  As LED technology has significantly improved since then and wanting to improve on my first bag I set to work on designing its replacement.

The new ELERT series backpacks are a major development from the original Mboye illuminated commuter bags.  Over 2 years of development has gone into the new bags, developing the new flexible lighting technology, trialing numerous bag design, lighting prototypes and testing.  The bags has all the great features of the original bag including, reflective elements front and rear, comfortable ventilated harness to prevent heat build up and reduce the shock loads on your back, large waist strap, carry strap, easily accessible pockets and great design plus the all new high brightness lighting technology



 The bags incorporate the following features:

  • 6 light pipes.  4 on the rear and one on each shoulder strap.  These allow for 360 degree visibility and are not restricted to viewing angles
  • Reflective piping on rear, sides and shoulder stripes allowing for increased visibility in direct line of sight
  • Internal lap top sleeve
  • Headphone routing holes on main and side pocket
  • 2 large side pockets
  • Large waist strap taking load from the shoulders
  • Spring steel ventilated harness.  Reduces shocks loads and keeps you back ventilated
  • Internal hydration sleeve
  • Carry strap
  • Large padding in hip area helps spread the load
  • Front and rear independent silicon power buttons


LED and side lit fibre optic cables has advanced massively over the last 10 years allowing Mboye products to design a high brightness, easy to use light driver.  After many prototypes, several suppliers, and plenty of hard work we settled on two light kits which allow for minimal light loss resulting in a greater viewing distance

Light Driver Development (Final kits in foreground, without USB port)
Light Driver Development (Final kits in foreground, without USB port)
Flashing sequence
Flashing sequence

The light pipes are illuminated by two independent light kits, one in the lid of the bag and one in the main section both operated externally through the use of a soft silicon rubber power button. The light drivers have been designed to get maximum light output from the LED’s whilst maintaining battery life.  The light pipes are then securely attached to the driver through tapered clamps.


The light driver runs on 2AA customer supplied Ni cad rechargeable batteries.   The batteries are charged through a standard mini USB port. Minimum Battery Life is as follows:

All lights on: 4hrs for rear 4 LED light and 7hr for front 2 LED light

Flash mode:7hrs for rear 4 LED light and 13hr for front 2 LED light

bike path mod IMG_3538b2red IMG_3538b2blue IMG_3517b IMG_3530bIMG_3538b2IMG_3484bIMG_3498b             * Source: Canadian Automobile Association, and Nth American insurance institute for highway safety