Slightly different from the smart halo this navigation offers some different features such as:

Wave your hand, this enables you to switch between the menu

Large display which displays text, along with turn indication signals, backed up with LED’s.

It also offers

Navigation with directions shown by turn arrows and LED’s

Incoming call alert

Distance travelled and speed

Magnetic mounting and easy removal



The Haiku uses a touchless interface which is great when riding as you don’t want to be searching whilst barreling down your local bike path or negotiating traffic.  I also like the added details on the display backed up with easy and quickly recognisable LED’s that can be seen in your periphery


  • 1 week battery life in normal use (~12h on a bike)
  • Micro USB charging
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0 and over)

Compatible with all major flagship smartphones :

  • Apple : iPhone 4s and over
  • Android : Samsung S3 and over, Motorola G and over, Nexus 5 and over, etc

Problem statement: